Training, Safety & Compliance

North American Warehousing training includes:

  • Forklift training and certification
    • Re-certified every three years
  • Safety Meetings
  • General Safety Seminar from the Industrial & Environmental Safety Training Institute
  • Course in Hazardous Materials Shipments HMF 126F (CFR49)
    • Refresher course given every three years
  • Safety inspections of warehouse facility
  • Process Safety Management
  • Risk Management Plan
  • rules

    In addition, North American Warehouse Company is compliant and certified in the following ways:

  • Contracted for on-site spill clean-up and disaster assistance
  • Registered with the Food & Drug Administration as a drug establishment / labeler
  • Registered with the Department of Transportation for hazardous materials activities
  • Registered with the Federal & Illinois EPA for hazardous waste generation
  • Registered with the Illinois EPA – Division of Air Pollution Control
  • Compliant with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Right to Know Act
  • Compliant with Title III of the Superfund Amendments & Reauthorization Act of 1986 section 312 (S.A.R.A. Title III Tier II Reporting)