Scope of Services

North American Warehousing provides 407,356 square feet of warehousing space to service the distribution of customers’ products. We are a public and contract warehousing firm offering a full line of distribution services for our clients, providing dedicated storage for all general commodities, food products, temperature-sensitive goods, flammable liquids, and combustibles. We can accommodate up to 70,000 square feet of flammable liquid in our hot room for specialized goods, which maintains a temperature of 85 degrees. In addition, our warm room storage maintains 65 degrees. NAWC also provides chemical blending and drumming, tote filling, and the bagging of dry products. Our facility allows the delivery of bulk goods via both rail and tank wagon. On-site laboratory services, including chemical sampling and analysis, are part of our standard packaging service.

Basic and Value-Added Services:

  • Case pick
  • Full pallet handling
  • Strict lot/batch control
  • FIFO management
  • Product re-branding
  • POS set-up
  • Re-boxing
  • Battery charging
  • Parcel shipping services
  • Carrier coordination
  • Customized client reports
  • Transportation services
  • Organizing of bed-loaded material
  • Customized client support for repair/alteration of products
  • Export container loading and bracing
  • Bundling and bagging
  • Rail car loading and unloading
  • Stretch-wrap and banding
  • Cross dock handling
  • Trans-loading
  • Pool distribution
  • Sortation
  • Customized labeling and stenciling
  • Drum agitation
  • Hot- and warm-room storage
  • Custom bar code application and design